Psychological assessment 

Clinical assessment involves the exploration and clarification of problems. It leads a psychological formulation (theoretically-based explanation) of difficulties, which guides an tailored plan for targeted therapy sessions.

This appointment will involve exploring and clarifying the present problems, and taking a history. 

The structure of the session will depend on the age of your child and the nature of their difficulties.

Generally I will first meet with your child and you together (unless your child is 16+), then see your child alone for the middle part of the assessment (if they feel comfortable - if not, there is no pressure at all for you to leave) and then have you join us again for the end of the session. If your child is quite young (under age 10), I may suggest that I meet with you as parent/s alone for the initial appointment.

Confidentiality and its limits will be discussed during this appointment. 

A comprehensive assessment is essential for informing effective, individually-tailored therapy. Generally two assessment appointments are required to enable a thorough assessment, time for feedback and discussion of the plan for therapy. For milder issues, one assessment session may be sufficient.

Booking your assessment

Once you have scheduled your FREE initial 10 minute phone consultation, I will send you the link to the online booking system so you can book an appointment for the date and time you choose.